Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oak Tree

Rolling down my rooftop, acorns dropping from the branches above noisily make their descent to the ground below. This fruit of the oak tree has created a carpet where once there was grass. Squirrels scurry about, picking them up and running around, burying them in various spots. A breeze blows and the wind sends others flying wildly to land loudly in gutters, or on trash cans, or cars! When spring arrives, the seeds that are being planted now will be evident to all with the hundreds, thousands, of seedlings that will emerge. Oh, Lord, may I, like the mighty oak, be an abundant seed spreader! May I scurry about spreading Your Truth. May I busily blow the winds of Your Word. What joy there is in the seedlings!


Vanesa said...

Jamie- is there a new theme/header on top of your blog? I like it.

Mike and Katie said...

What a beautiful image! Oak trees take so long to grow but they are so strong and mighty and able to stand.

Wonderful thoughts!