Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Housing Hopes

What began as a home for an aging parent became a home away from home for missionaries. A small house tucked behind another house, barely visible from the road, serves as a place for missionaries who are in the U.S. on furlough or for other reasons to live and rest and restore. A living area, a dining area, kitchen, bed and bath. A plaque hangs on the wall honoring the mother who had lived there, and tucked away in the corner a bookcase holds items from countries all over the world, left behind by the missionaries who have been blessed by this little lighthouse. As I sat on the well-worn sofa and heard the voices of the saints that had prayed in this little place, I dreamed a big dream to have a missionary house someday, a haven that can be a a little slice of heaven to those who are carrying the Gospel to the unreached people groups around the globe. What a beautiful way to serve the feet of those who bring Good News.

1 comment:

Vanesa said...

Maybe I can make the down payment for the missionary house...

I got left some money in a will and I have to use it as a down payment and I canNOT buy a house... Seriously cannot- itd be so foolish. Too bad I cant pay off loans with it!

But wouldn't that be neat?