Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sportsman's Paradise

An entire room filled with fishing poles. An expansive wall glittering with guns. An elaborate building arrayed with accessories. As I strolled through the Bass Pro Outlet that recently came to our area, I was amazed at the extent of equipment that could be purchased for the hobbies of hunting and fishing. All of this to snag a smallmouth bass or kill a quail. All of this to search out prey that often provides little more than a day of fun and a free meal. We are called to be fishers of men, hunting for hearts that have yet to believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead. Our passion and zeal should far outweigh those who seek after something that will not last. The souls of men will live eternally, either in Heaven with God or in Hell, separated from Him forever. The sign at the entrance of the store read "Sportman's Paradise." Oh, Lord, help us to boldly tell sportsmen and all men that the only real paradise is knowing You.

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