Monday, April 19, 2010

Overlooking Gems

We've been bringing two young girls to church with us for over a year now, yet there's no indication that they've become Christians. Curiously, they continue to come, getting themselves up and ready in time all on their own. It is so easy to overlook these children in the sea of faces that fill up our facility. In the worldly way, they have nothing to offer us. There are no parents with time and talent for the edification of the saints and no tithe to contribute to the construction of the new building. No house to offer for hospitality, no knowledge to offer for leadership. Why, they're just like me before Jesus! Nothing at all to offer. But, my empty hands didn't stop my Lord from stooping down and picking me up in His arms. Oh, I pray to be like Him, seeking out the small and the weak that have nothing to offer and showering them with love.

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