Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watching World

I hope my mailman knew I was a Christian before I told him. He explained to me that he learns a lot about people through sorting and distributing their mail: what they read, where they shop, how they give. He knows when they receive late notices or divorce papers. He knows when their names change or when two people live in the same house with different names. He draws assumptions, sometimes inaccurately, but nevertheless he draws them. All around us, people are watching. The men who pick up our recycling know what we eat and what we drink. The meter readers know how much electricity and water we use. The man at the camera shop has seen my photos. The world does not always see my heart as God does, so may the satisfaction that I find in Him manifest itself in such a way that a watching world is compelled to ask, "Why do you have the hope that you have?"


Mike and Katie said...

Our mail lady is a Christian and shared CD's with us once and sent some dog-sitting business our way.

I wonder if she knows we are hoping to adopt again?

We had our home visit yesterday. Soon we will be ready to accept the child God has planned for us.


Vanesa said...

I am glad the world can't see my heart! MAN I pray my heart would be as good of testimony as my life!!!

(SO SAD and sick but true)
Thanks for the challenge.
Im glad you are still blogging in December ;)

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Jamie,

I hope you had a great Christmas season!