Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Up Down

I've decided to divorce; I just don't love him anymore. Down. My marriage is difficult, but I'm committed to it; I want the world to see the way Christ loves the church. Up. I just got a big pay raise, and I'm going to celebrate by buying that new car I saw. Down. I inherited a large sum of money this year, and I'm using it to support missionaries who are going to the unreached people groups. Up. I have this weekend free, and I'm going to sit back and watch the big games on television. Down. I got some time off from work so that I can go on that medical mission trip to Honduras. Up. Lord, help us as Your children to encourage one another and build each other up; protect us from bringing each other down, away from You and Your ways.

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Rose Marie Bohs said...

Just found you as I was searching hospitality. Can I share something-when I hurt, I run to JESUS and God's Word. He doesn't always take me out of the pain but He meets me there. He has made up for all that my marriage has lacked and then some. Here's a promise: Jeremiah 31:25
"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint."