Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trash Removal

Litter. Lining the roadsides. Litter. Lying on beaches. Litter. Piling up in parking lots. In fact, every place that I have ever been, from the most beautiful to the most remote, has been tainted by trash. God's creation has become to some nothing more than a receptacle for rubbish. As Christians, we are servants, and servants keep things clean. Recently, I was encouraged by a friend who stopped to pick up a plastic bottle as we walked together, and I was reminded that I should be willing to do small things for Jesus. If we find ourselves tripping over trash before we'll stoop down to pick it up, then maybe we need to ask ourselves if we've become too proud to do the humbling job of trash removal.


jodilee0123 said...

We carry a plastic bag with us on walks. . . my son loves to pick up garbage! It helps our neighborhood keep clean too. I hope he keeps that excitement for God's country forever in his heart!

scarlet reynolds said...

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