Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby Jesus

On Christmas morning, I hurried down the stairs with a nativity that I wanted to set up on a table before we got the girls out of bed. I carefully placed Joseph, Mary, three wise men, a camel and two sheep around the focal point, baby Jesus. Then, John came in the room carrying the huge box that held a Radio Flyer wagon, and he set it down right next to the table. Covered in a variety of wrapping paper and topped with ribbon and bow, it seemed to scream, "Look at me; look at me!" It was time. We opened the door to the girls' bedroom, and as we like to lovingly say, "set the captives free." "Come see what Mommy and Daddy got you to celebrate Jesus' birthday," we exclaimed with enthusiasm. Jesse ran into the room and was instantly captivated. By baby Jesus. And Joseph and Mary. And the wise men and camel. Even the two sheep. It took a while, but eventually we got her to open the box. Oh, Lord, how my heart longs for these girls to be ever so captivated with You. May it be so, forever.


Boyd said...

Thanks, Jamie. That says it so well and gives ideas of how to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful, Jesus-centered way. Thank you for sharing that with us.


Mike and Katie said...

Merry Chrstmas to you and your ffamily!