Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shadow Snow

In the shadow of a great log, the snow still lingered. The warm afternoon sun had all but melted the rest away. I stood at my window and stared at it, thinking of how my own heart so often resembles the remnants of these icy mounds. Staying in dark places, away from God's Word and God's people, I stay cold toward the things of the Lord. But, if I bring myself into the Light, into His warmth, my heart begins to thaw. After missing a few Sundays at church, I didn't realize how I had quietly slipped into the coolness of the shadows. But, as the music began, and I lifted my voice with my brothers and sisters, as the Word was read, as the pastor began to preach from Hosea, I sensed the snow melting; the warm afternoon sun had reached my soul.

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